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Faeth's is now offering whitetail deer hunting in one of Iowa's best zones, ZONE6. This is a no frills archery or muzzleloader hunt for the serious hunter who does not have deep pockets.

The accommodations are modest but will provide a comfortable bed and hot shower. We feel you are paying for a hunt not an upscale hotel.

The property is a mix of timber, crop, CRP, and pasture. This property has produced deer in the 160's, but in Zone 6 a Booner can be the next deer that shows up.


At Faeth's we listen to our hunters. You want a stand moved, we'll move it. You want to hunt all day, we will make you comfortable. You want to shoot a doe, we're all for that. There is not a penalty for shooting a smaller buck. There is not a trophy fee for shooting the buck of your dreams. We are common people offering a quality whitetail deer hunt, where the ordinary bowhunter has the potential to get a monster buck.

We will limit the number of hunters in camp. We will not over hunt the property to make an extra dollar. You are the hunter, we let you hunt the way you want to hunt.

Season opens the 1st of October and runs until the 1st Friday in December. The RUT is bow only hunting in Iowa.

Whitetail Hunts                                           


Type of Hunt

Rate per hunter

Early Season









Whitetail packages are 5 day hunts including accommodations. Arriving Sunday, hunting Monday - Friday, departing Saturday.  We offer a 25% discount on all hunts booked for any active member of the US Military.

StealthCam on 10/29/10
StealthCam on 10/29/10
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